33 YA Ships

I’ve been reading YA since I was in junior high and to be honest, I still read YA books. Over the years I’ve amassed an impressive read shelf on Goodreads. Here are 33 of my favorite YA ships.

  1. Rachel and Isaiah in crashing into you

Katie McGarry knows how to write delicious romance novels. Rachel and Isaiah may be my all-time favorite ship in the YA genre. Not only is Isaiah total #goals but his star-crossed love for Rachel melts my heart.

2. Jay and Violet in the body finder series

In this series, Jay and Violet are the perfect example of the friends-to-lovers trope. I love how their relationship deepened throughout the series.

3. Kylie and Lucas in shadow falls series

While Kylie was embroiled in an “epic” love triangle at her camp for supernatural teens, I was rooting for Lucas, the steamy werewolf from her past.

4. Aria Montgomery and Noel Kahn in pretty little liars

It’s always interesting when someone you’re crushing on ends up liking you hardcore years later-when you could be not be more interested. That’s exactly what happened with Aria and Noel. But thankfully this cute couple was introduced to us in the last few books.

5. Spencer Hastings and Andrew Campbell in pretty little liars

While Spencer felt like an adversary to Andrew, she eventually warmed up to his geeky charm. And oh am I thankful for that…

6. Emily Fields and Maya St. Germain in pretty little liars

Ah, young love. Maya and Emily’s short-lived romance at the start of the series is what everyone dreams of. Falling for a cute neighbor who you know, gets you. While things did go south, I always loved their connection.

7. Hanna Marin and Lucas Beattie in pretty little liars

Oh what could’ve been! I loved Lucas and Hanna. He stood up for her and stood by her through the worst months of her life. Not to mention, Hanna was able to be herself around him!

8. Burnett and Holiday in shadow falls series

No, these two are technically not teenagers, but they do appear alongside many of them! What happens when you get a cold-as-ice, I-mean-business FRU agent/vampire (FRU is the FBI for the supernatural world) and a snarky, red-headed fae running a camp? So. Much. Sexual. Tension. I love Burnett. But I love their romance even more.

9. Emily and Oz in nowhere but here

This couple had me when Oz’s protective mode came on. Not to mention the public declarations of love. Swoon.

10. Harper Price and David Stark in miss mayhem series

Harper Price: Class President and David Stark: aspiring journalist and total nerd make one cute, yearbook worthy couple (who have achieved more in their fictional lives than I have in my 20 years).

11. Taylor Markham and Jonah Griggs in Jellicoe road

Taylor and Jonah manage to have an extremely steamy romance with all the bells and whistles, despite being “enemies” and coming with tons of baggage. Talk about character development.

12. Hannah (Narnie) Schroeder and Jude in Jellicoe road

Again, not teenagers but Narnie and Jude’s long-lost love wins for the ages. Not only that but Jude aka the Brigadier is my favorite kind of character.

13. Elyse d’Abreau and Christian Kane in the summer of chasing mermaids

Elyse and Christian manage to defy the standards  of the typical rich poster boy falls for less than “popular” girl next door by maintaining a real and honest relationship. Also not to mention the interracial and disabilities aspect make them a refreshing find in the YA genre.

14. Amy and Roger in amy and roger’s epic detour

What happens when two kinda strangers go on a devious cross country road trip? A lot actually. But you’ll fall in love with Amy and Roger as they cross over state lines.

15. Simon Spier and Blue in simon versus the homosapien agenda

“So hold it.” Enough said.

16. Beth and Ryan in dare you to

Another star-crossed love from Katie McGarry that never fails to keep the pages turning.

17. Francesca Spinelli and Will Trombal in saving Francesca

What it’s like when someone you’ve never really liked kisses you? You may just start to fall for the most obnoxiously clean-cut guy in school.

18. Ryan Dean West and Annie Altman in winger

It’s not something we see in YA fairly often when the boy is younger than the girl. But Annie and Ryan’s romance went from puppy love to soulmates in a really great way.

19. Amy Goodnight and Ben in texas gothic

You know you’re in for an interesting couple when they first meet each other while one is basically naked and frantic about lost goats.

20. Claire and Tate in emily’s dress and other missing things

I’m going to get in so much trouble for this one. Despite the obvious barrier to their relationship (student teacher, I know right?) these two manage to take the awkward out of their relationship by treading into  humorous sorts of adventures involving a mystery and Emily Dickinson.

21. Fred Oday and Ryan Berenger in hooked

Golden boy and Native American tomboy on the same golf team. What could go wrong?

22. Riley Berenger and Sam Tracy in played

In this “continuation” of #21, we’re introduced to a new romance of sorts. This time with this genders reversed.

23. Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky in to all the boys I’ve loved before series

Talk about an unexpected romance. But that’s what makes their romance so charming and so fun.

24. Belly and Conrad in the summer series

These two and their slow-burning romance will forever be the death of me.

25. Bianca Piper and Wesley Rush in the duff

Enemies to lovers doesn’t normally happen, right? Well, if there’s no strings attached sex involved.

26. Ellie and Tuck in Valkyrie rising

Every girl has fantasized about their older brother’s friends at some point, right?

27. Whitley and Nathan in a midsummer’s nightmare

Life with Derek in book form! Kidding! Sort of…

28. Finley Sinclair and Beckett Rush in there you’ll find me

An Irish celebrity falls for a normal teen. Don’t worry, these two are create an interesting romance despite the cliched storyline.

29. Emma and Bennett in haunting emma series

Another dose of brother’s-best-friend from this unexpectedly fun trilogy.

30. Samantha Reed and Jase Garrett in my life next door

The only thing I can say about these two is that they are truly the most real characters in YA. Huntley Fitzpatrick does not skirt around awkward first sexual encounters to the ups and downs of your first love.

31. Sophie Mercer and Archer Cross in hex hall series

These two just might be the funniest couple in YA

32. Aristotle and Dante in Aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe

Here’s what friends-to-lovers should look like and sound like and act like and be like…

33. Jordan Woods and Sam Henry catching Jordan

To end the list, Jordan and Sam are a perfect example of someone who’s been there for you all along…


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