6 People You Might Not Have Noticed in Man of Steel

  1. Julian Richings

Julian plays Lor-Em, one of the Kryptonian council members but viewers may recognize him as one of the four horsemen in Supernatural.

2. Tahmoh Penikett

According to IMDb, Tahmok plays Jed Eubanks, a former fellow employee of Clark Kent who was interviewed by Lois Lane. You also may know him from Supernatural as Gadreel and Paul Ballard in Dollhouse.

3. Doug Abrahams

I almost missed this one. Doug Abrahams played Heraldson the ship captain in Man of Steel. He also, memorably, played possessed bus driver, Eddie, in a season 4 episode of Supernatural and Detective Howard in season 10, episode 6.

4. Alessandro Juliani

Alessandro plays Officer Sekowsky in Man of Steel but I know him most as Sinclair in the CW’s The 100.

5. David Paetkau

David played Northcom Threat Analyst in Man of Steel. He also played Sam Braddock in Flashpoint and played Dean and Sam’s distant cousin Mark Campbell in 2 episodes of season 6.

6. Joe Minoso

Here’s one I didn’t know. Joe Minoso played a Metropolis police officer but we all know and love him as Cruz in Chicago Fire!


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