You Should Really Watch Vegas-And Here’s Why

You may remember CBS’s primetime period drama Vegas when it first premiered in 2012. It’s set in 1960 in the early rise of Las Vegas’s gambling scene when mobster Vincent Savino rolls into town to take over a casino called The Savoy. Around the same time, rancher Ralph Lamb, a former MP for the US Army is deputized after the current sheriff is found dead. He then deputizes his brother Jack and son Dixon.

You may be asking, why should I care about a show that CBS cancelled 3 years ago? Well here’s why:

  1. First of all, it’s based on a true story. Ralph Lamb really was the sheriff in Clark County during the early 60s. He even tussled with a few mobsters himself.
  2. It has an awesome (and talented) cast: Dennis Quaid, Jason O’Mara, Michael Chiklis and Carrie Anne Moss.
  3. The show had some of the most viewers for primetime television.
  4. It two characters that are women in a position of power: Assistant to the DA Catherine O’Connell and Mia Rizzo, a manager at the Savoy. mv5bmtu1nji0otmyov5bml5banbnxkftztcwntyxmtywoq-_v1_sx640_sy720_
  5. It has an incredible storyline filled with great dialogue and great character development.
  6. The Lambs have a great relationship and part of what really makes it great is the relationship between Jack and his nephew Dixon.
  7. Also Ralph Lamb is witty and is the epitome of a tough, no-nonsense rancher.
  8. It is also jam-packed with action (hello, it’s a mob show!), humor, mystery and of course romance!



8. It has great music! The late 50s and early 60s had some great hits. You’ll hear Bobby Darin, Dean Martin and Elvis Presley.

9. The outfits were on point.

10. Also, did I mention Jason O’Mara?


Even though it was cancelled prematurely, Vegas is a show that deserves to be watched by more. Seriously, just watch it. You’ll be blown away! Vegas is available on Amazon Prime and of course on DVD.





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